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To initiate
Sustainable Change…

…in an organization means to change strategy, structure and culture all at the same time. Organization, processes and rules have to be touched. Above all, the hearts and minds of the people have to be won over. Allowing the Human Factor to flourish requires designing an appropriate ecosystem and it requires credibility, creativity – and sometimes surprising measures.

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Alexander Gisdakis

Business Strategy to People Strategy

Business Strategies become reality only when organization and people are willing and able to implement them. An organization has to systematically break down its Business Strategy into a holistic People Strategy first.

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Human Resources

The HR organization plays a crucial role in the implementation of a People Strategy. Business Management and HR Management must jointly define where an HR Strategy must define the right ecosystem to make an organizations People Strategy implementable. Only this then defines in the best HR Organization, Processes & IT tools, Roles, Competencies and its Mindset.

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Culture is the music that everyone dances to but no one really hears.

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What has to link together perfectly to get things really moving?

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